What do you put in your coffee?

Daejeong, le 18 mars 2021

I’m a minority. Hear me well, I am a privileged caucasian so not a visible minority, I am heterosexual, I am not handicapped either physically or intellectually (I think).

I don’t drink coffee.

People look at me baffled. I usually respond: “My wife drinks enough for both of us” “What do you drink?” I am asked. I drink juice, a lot of juice. My refrigerator and pantry are full of orange, tangerine, white grape, red grape, pineapple, and cranberry juices. I lost the taste and need for milk some years ago. I also drink water. I like smoothies, especially strawberry smoothies. I like ade. I can drink lemon ade, tangerine ade, green tangerine ade, lemon-lime ade. Once or twice a year, some chocolate milk. I have this taste for it when I’m looking for energy, let’s say when stopping in a convenience store after pedaling 40 or 50 kilometers, up hill.

No coffee, no tea.

I have never appreciated a hot beverage. I know tea and coffee are the beverages that are the most consumed and probably savored in the world. There are so many coffee shops where I live, on Jeju-do, I could not count them. I participate in the “Sunday Caffeinated Cycle”. Every Sunday morning, a group of friends and teacher colleagues meet at 09:30 to cycle toward a different coffee shop. All then order their latte, cappuccino, americano or espresso. “Alain, what do you put in your coffee?” I was asked during the first weeks. I join the group for the ride and for the nice company, not for the coffee.

I drink juice!

3 thoughts on “What do you put in your coffee?”

  1. I drink black coffee, one cup a day in a special mug, and I drink water, lots of water. My husband makes my coffee, but he doesn’t drink coffee. I love juice, but it’s too caloric.

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