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Daejeong, le 13 mars 2021

This is not an advertisement for Apple.

My most recent devices are Samsung. Of course, I live in Korea, one of the most advanced countries in the world regarding technology. I did start working with PC’s when they came out and became available to the masses not quite 40 years ago. Tired of fighting viruses, I eventually purchased an Apple computer at the beginning of the Millenium. I even remember a Blackberry phone in there sometime.

I am now preparing for a visit to the Apple store tomorrow. I am still carrying around three old Apple devices, a phone, an I-Pad and a LapTop. All three need, at least, a tune-up. Well, the phone died over a year ago but it still holds a quite large address book and bluntly refuses to let me access it. Dozens and dozens of numbers and addresses who might not get a long awaited call or text. I still use my damaged I-Pad every day to read the news, occasionally for texts and e-mail and quite often for pictures. I have over ten thousand pictures on it and I don’t know how to store them in the I-Cloud because I changed my e-mail address and I don’t know what to do about that. Unfortunately, I took a fall while holding the I-Pad in my hands. The glass cracked and has been looking worse with time. It still takes great pictures but looking at them through a very cracked glass is not really pleasant. The laptop I also use daily. I have Facebook and the e-mail opened when I’m home. I am writing on it now. In my clumsiness I tipped over a full glass of orange juice on it, while it was open on the table, a couple of weeks ago. I picked it up immediately and Stephanie helped me get it as dry as we could as quickly as we could. However, within minutes, it went completely blank. Miraculously, it came back to life the following day but the keyboard never felt the same. Would you believe it feels like it’s sticky inside?

I need to psychologically prepare myself for this visit because, well, my phone is most probably older than most of the employees that I will encounter there. Also, all of my devices are in French and/or English, no Hangeul and this Apple store is in Jeju City in South Korea. I’ll report back when I have an outcome.

6 thoughts on “The Apple store”

  1. I hope you did not hurt yourself when you fell. Oh God, just thinking of orange juice in the laptop, makes me think Oh God again. Some times things just happen and we are left wondering how it happened. Hope everything works out well.

  2. Oh Alain, I feel you. I think my blood pressure goes up as I approach the Apple store, maybe because of the anticipation of being asked for my password– the one that I am rarely sure of.

    I wish they had a drop off service where you could just come back and pick up everything back in working condition and then have voice commands to just tell those devices what you need. I’d pay a lot.

  3. How we’ve come to depend on our devices! I hope your luck turns around at the apple store and find all can be fixed.

  4. Even under the best circumstances a trip to the Apple store is misery inducing. Have you read “A Man Calked Ove”? It’s hilarious, and the opening scene reminds me of your tech woes. Good luck.

  5. Today I purchased some USB sticks to back up everything on my lap top. I have most things on one cloud or another, but I want to make sure I have all of my downloads just in case something like what happened to you happens to me. Good luck!

    I highly recommend Google Photos for photo storage. It’s a really easy app to use – and there is more storage that on the iCloud.

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